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  • Start with healthy dynamic living soil as your foundation.
  • Your vegetables will be plentiful.
  • Your flowers and lawn will be the envy of your neighbors.
  • When you look at them, they will bring you JOY!
  • Many of the local landscaping companies use our topsoil.

We know gardening is hard work with lots of rewards for most people. We want you to have more rewards with less work. We are always learning about our topsoil; we spend time and resources testing to understand our soil better.

We wanted scientific evidence that we had the best topsoil in the area. We have asked specialists to review our soil; one expert is Dr. Michael Remke. Dr. Remke reviewed our 2019 soil test from Green Analytical Labs along with eight years of the previous testing.

His closing paragraph in his report is. “I highly recommend Animas River Top for native plant landscaping as it requires no to minimal modification and closely resembles healthy soil native to the SW Colorado high desert ecosystem. The soil’s texture is also ideal for minimizing water schedule.” The full report is below.

We also asked Greg Vlaming to review this soil. Greg was an Extension Agent for CSU in La Plata county, works for NRCS in Cortez, owns McElmo Farm and Orchard, and works with High Desert Conservation District. He used Ward Laboratories; this report looks at soil microbial communities. The total living microbial biomass. Bacteria, Actinomycetes, and Rhizobia, Fungi-Arbuscular Mycorrhizal and Saprophytes, and Protozoa. These tests are essential because these organics are responsible for much of the nutrient cycling that takes place in the soil. We were average in our microbial communities. If you are shopping around for another topsoil, ask about the soil microbial communities.

Price is $31.00 per cubic yard for our natural top soil, and our screened top soil is $38.00 per cubic yard. We sell 5 yard truck loads, for smaller amounts please go to Durango Nursery & Supply - They have a variety of top soils. 271 Kaycee Lane Durango CO,  970-259-8800

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